Used Aircraft Inspection


Investment in the high value and complex world of aviation is a long-term proposition that requires methodical and thorough research.

We understand the intricacies of the sector and can draw on our decades of experience in order to determine asset value before any purchase of commercial aircraft is completed.

Our highly skilled engineers and market analysts will work together to give a full report on the prospective purchase or lease of an aircraft, so that any decisions are made with all parties in full possession of the facts.

A pre-purchase inspection may include:

  • Physical inspection of aircraft condition
  • Audit of technical records in accordance with operator's national airworthiness authority requirements
  • Audit of installed avionic inventory
  • Review of aircraft specification against manufacturer options list and comparison to worldwide fleet
  • Audit of incorporation of high-cost modifications
  • Statement of aircraft maintenance condition
  • Digital inspection report with scanned aircraft records and digital photographs

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