Remarketing Process


When the time comes to remarket your aircraft, we are here to handle the process from start to finish. With our extensive database and network of key contacts, agreements can be reached even when timeframes are tight. We cut through the complexities to secure the best deal for you.

So how does the process work? A typical remarketing campaign would run as follows:

•     Collation of aircraft specification, maintenance status data, and digital photographs

•     Determination of the fair market value for the aircraft's sale or lease

•     Preparation of marketing literature, including summary term sheets agreed with the aircraft owner

•     Identification of targeted prospects, sorted into primary and secondary list order

•     Delivery of a focused marketing campaign

•     Management of negotiations with interested parties, including aircraft inspection and the preliminary 
      drafting of sale or lease agreements in co-operation with the owner's legal counsel

•     Co-ordination of all phases of the campaign, concluding with safe delivery of the aircraft 

For further information, please get in touch. 

Latest News

May 2019


ALM has added a new A320 to its managed portfolio. The aircraft was acquired by FGL in May upon delivery from Airbus and is subject to a lease to Peach Aviation. This brings the total to 9 aircraft leased to Peach Aviation.

April 2019


ALM has added a new A320-200 to its managed portfolio. The aircraft was acquired by Fuyo Lease from Airbus in April and is subject to a lease to Peach Aviation.

PRESS RELEASE - March 2019


ALM is pleased to announce the appointment of Richard Dudley-Cave as Head of Marketing as from March 2019.

December 2018


ALM has added two further new A320s to its managed portfolio. The aircraft were acquired by FGL from Airbus in December and are subject to lease to Peach Aviation. ALM monitored the technical acceptance of the aircraft from Airbus in Toulouse and Hamburg.