Lease Technical Monitoring


Maintaining aircraft and their engines is essential in order to protect the value of your asset. When issues arise with maintenance history, the value can be significantly affected and delays in remarketing become inevitable.

A detailed and thorough technical monitoring plan is vital in order to avoid such costly pitfalls. ALM's lease plans are tailored to fit our client's individual requirements, with one ultimate goal in mind: to maximise asset value in the short, mid and long term.

We recruit only the best engineers with extensive experience and training. Our technical monitoring services are modular in concept and comprise the following elements:

  • Monthly monitoring of utilisation and maintenance status
  • Periodic inspection of aircraft, records and maintenance procedures
  • Monitoring of Airworthiness Directives (ADs) and Service Bulletin (SB) status
  • Tracking of rotable component changes
  • Ensuring current aircraft certification, maintenance programme, manuals and technical record-keeping
  • Oversight of heavy maintenance on airframe and engines
  • Analysis of maintenance invoices and reserve claims

For further information on aircraft technical monitoring, please get in touch.